Private Land Hunts for Elk, Mule Deer, Whitetail & Turkey

Public Land DIY Wilderness Elk Hunts

We hunt in Colorado, Oklahoma & Kansas

Elk Hunting:

Rifle Elk Lodge Hunts
This is a full service guided hunt with meals and lodging included.  Our success rate has been historically over 80%.  This is an elk hunt that any hunter can do no matter what kind of shape you are in. Seeing herds of more than 100 elk has never been a problem on this ranch. Our ranch is surrounded by other big private ranches, so the game is not over pressured. This is a one-of-a-kind ranch for seeing lots of game.  Our bulls average between 240" to 300".  We only have a few opening each year.

Archery Elk Lodge Hunts: 

This is a private land bow hunt with meals and lodging included.  You will hunt 3,000 acres of private land in Unit 12.  We have food plots and water holes.  This is a very easy hunt...anyone can do this hunt.  All bow hunts are done during Septmeber.  This is an over the counter either sex elk tag.    

Lodging:  We have excellent lodging on the ranch.  Our main lodge is 4,000 square feet with satellite TV and WIFI internet.  This is where the hunters can hang out and talk hunting or just relax next to the fireplace.  We also have two cabins on the ranch where the hunters sleep.

DIY Archery & Rifle elk hunts from $2,500 to $2,750 per person.

We have multiple options for private land and public land DIY and Drop Camp hunts.  Some camps you can drive your vehicle to and others we horseback you in.  Contact me for more details on these hunts. 303-688-9412 or 

Cow Elk Late Season hunts: $2,000  These hunts are in December and January.  Limited spots available.  This is a guided hunt on private land but no meals or lodging.  You must get a motel in town.  

Merriam Turkey hunts

COLORADO: $1,425 for a 3 day guided Merriam turkey hunt  on 8,000 acres of private land near Rifle Colorado.  Season is April and May.  This is a guided hunt with no meals and no lodging.  You get a motel in town and we pcik you up for the hunt each day.  

Oklahoma Whitetail hunts

OKLAHOMA: $4,000. 2,000 acres of private land.  This ranch holds lots of big bucks.  Great chance at 150" plus bucks.  Lots of creek bottoms, woods and rolling hills.  You can kill 1 buck and 1 hog.  Very limited spots available on this ranch.  The ranch has been managed for many years for quality deer. If you are looking for a chance at a truley monster buck then this ranch is the place to come.

Kansas Turkey Hunts

Spring Turkey:  $1,250 for a 3 day hunt in Kansas for Rio Grande and Hybrid Turkey's.  This is for one bird....If Kansas Parks & Wildlife change to 2 birds then you can take 2 birds.  Hunt over 3,000 acres of private land with meals and lodging included.

Mule Deer Hunting:


Mule Deer Archery Hunts:  $4,900
This hunt is in September. You will see tons of mule deer in the archery season.  The first few weeks the bucks will be in velvet.  This is a great spot and stalk hunt for nice bucks.  We have been 100% shot opportunity for many years.  

Rifle Mule Deer Hunts:  $6,500 Hunt on private land in Colorado.  We have been 100% opportunity for many years.  Meals, lodging and guide is included.  

Rifle Mule Deer Hunts in Meeker:  $5,250  Hunt all private land with high success rate. This is a Guided hunt but does not include meals or lodging.  Hunter must get a motel in Meeker Colorado nand thge guide will pick you up each day for the hunt.  If you do not draw the tag then a Voucher is included in the price. 

Prairie Dog/Coyote Hunt in Colorado

This is a 2 1/2 day 3 night hunt for Prairie Dogs and Coyotes.  Lodging is included but you bring and cook your own food.  The price is $2,500 for up to 4 split the cost.


Zimbabwe: Cape Buffalo, Leopard, Lion, Elephant and Plains Game

South Africa: Kudu, Wildebeest, Impala, Warthog and much more.